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EuroLimas, Private info protection, Credit Cards policy, Clients Identity Protection

EuroLimas Europe - Sedan or Shuttles private transfers. Limousine service - Taxi price !

EuroLimas respects your privacy

Protecting your privacy is very important to us. You should not have any doubt that your private information will remain "private". We shall never give the information you trusted us (or part of it) to anybody.  EuroLimas never forwards or resells (email, address, tel number etc.).  We shall never ask our clients for any financial information of their credit cards.

How EuroLimas works? Simple !

To prove to you that we do respect your privacy, EuroLimas Transport Services has a client system based on your mobile number. This is actually the only information that is required for a private account. We need to be sure, as you can understand, that we are not going to drive to a client and find out that it was a joke.

Privacy policy, Business Invoices, VAT and taxes reclaim for our business partners

Private registration is simple, in 30 seconds you are done! Fill the online form with just your mobile number and name! That is all we require. After your registration with EuroLimas you will receive an email confirming your registration. Your mobile number is your client number. You wish to keep your name private, no problem at all. Simple isn't it? However companies that would like an invoice for our services, (free of charge over the amount of 100EUR) need to fill all the legal information in our
Business registration form

EuroLimas accounts for Companies with a V.A.T. registration

Besides the tailored made business prices and volume discount corporate clients can take full advantage of our legal invoicing. Our monthly invoices (free of charge over the amount of 100€ ) are 100% tax deductable and give you the right to reclaim the V.A.T. amount paid in Belgium.
Please do not forget to fill in your VAT nr. in our Business registration form
Companies registered in the EU outside of Belgium are subject to an intra-community delivery and therefore free of VAT. We do require a legal proof of V.A.T. registration of your business.

Emails Privacy policy for all EuroLimas clients, private or companies.

We are obliged by law to keep all digital information for 5 years. And it is for our eyes only. In case of criminal investigation the relevant authorities may gain access to this information if there is a District Attorney’s subpoena.

EuroLimas accepts all major Credit Cards

Credit Cards Payment

through the secure servers "https" of PayPal Click on the cards logo to proceed

Credit Card Costs: -500€ there is an extra charge of 7% and for +500€ 4%.

EuroLimas offers special payment terms for Business and frequent clients.